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Re: ankle mobility help needed

thanks for the help. I'll get a lot of reps in of squatting without my heels coming up. But I have a question about that too. My right heel is slightly worse in when it comes to screwing inwards during the squat. I've noticed that my right heel is naturally/chronically inverted at all times. I honestly feel like I have zero calcaneal eversion in my left foot and negative eversion in my right (because its always inverted and I cant move it into an everted position).

And so my question is, if I can't evert my heel in a static stretch or if I cant evert my heel even when I put a whole lot of force into it, Why should I expect it to evert during a bodyweight squat where theres not a lot of forces everting my foot?

Thats why I feel like I need some sort of joint manipulation work.

And in regards to those two Mwods where you squat with the resistance band for support, I've tried those and they cant help me. I love the idea of camping out in a good position and leaning over to get more weight on your ankles, but that doesn't work for me. Because even with the resistance band, when I get to the bottom position my heels are still elevated and twisted and I'm in a bad position again.

I'll get a video up by the end of the day as well
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