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ankle mobility help needed

I've been working extremely hard on my flexibility lately. I want to begin olympic weightlifting but I'm not going to add much more weight to my lifts until my squat mobility improves.

My ankles are clearly my weakest link. I have good hip flexion and pretty good hip rotational abilities. My t-spine extension is improving and my shoulder mobility is pretty good as well.

When I squat though, to maintain good posture I have to lift my heels off the ground considerably (and they really scoot inward as well). If I try to keep my heels down, I'm really reaching forward and I lose all spine extension.

One thing that I'm convinced on when it comes to my ankles is that I do not have a flexibility issue, I have a joint mobility problem. I've stretched my calves and other muscles significantly with no improvement. My particular favorite stretch being the Cal Strength barbell on your knees stretch.

When I squat, my heels really scoot inward. I cant bring my knees outward at all without my whole foot coming with it. My foot curls inward and all my weight ends up on the outside of my foot. During a squat my weight ends up kind of on the bone right below my pinky toe. Sometimes I roll over a bone there and it can be quite painful.

If I drop into a squat and hold it for a long time, I get pain under my lateral maleoli and sometimes on the front of my ankle as well. When I do a wall dorsiflexion stretch I never feel anything in my calves or heel cord, but I often get a pinch at the front of my ankles. To fix that, I often get a resistance band to pull the bottom of my shin backward (the opposite of a mulligan stretch I believe).

This can improve my wall dorsiflexion stretching, but not my squat, because my heel still comes way inward and my weight ends up on the outside of my foot.

I took pictures of my problem in a previous post here:

A few M-WOD's that really caught my eye are these:

In the first two he's talking about calcaneal eversion, and I have zero. I also get that twisting/torsion motion in my feet and I also am afraid that in all my attempts at eversion and dorsiflexion I'm giving myself more of a bunion big toe thing as well.

I also have noticed that I'm missing terminal knee extension and am gradually improving my knee mobility with these two:

I'm sorry this is such a long post, but I have been working EXTREMELY hard on this and I just can't seem to fix my ankles. Is there anything you guys know that can help me?

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