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Re: Garage Gym Rubber Flooring

Originally Posted by Chad Lee View Post
Hey all,

I am outfitting my garage gym as we speak. But the problem of rubber flooring came up. I will probably get a rogue W-4 wall mount. I do a considerable amount of oly lifts. Would it be easier to just bolt down rubber flooring to cover the entire floor? Or create a "Olympic lifting platform" under the W-4 rig?

For rubber flooring, would flooring from Home Depot or lowes work? (I have a store credit to use up).

A buddy of mine opened his CFB in TN and purchased a bunch of 4'x6'x3/4" mats from some company out of Atlanta and they shipped his entire order or rubber mats for free. I found out they are down the street from me so I called and they said they would offer me the same deal as long as I purchased 25 mats. Since I am just setting up my garage I didn't need that many so I got another buddy to go in with me since he was going to do the same thing. We ended up paying just $40/mat with shipping and I had one left over for the dog kennel. Great mats, smooth on both sides.
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