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These workouts can be taxing. Have you had a physical and clearance from your M.D.? Do you have any injuries that are of concern?

If you are just starting out go slow, remember exercising and sound nutrition are marathons.

You are in it for the long haul and it is nice that you are in the race. On this board you now have great training partners so ask as many questions as you need to.

Everybody will help out and make it fun. Nobody will be rude or offending. No question is a dumb question. :happy:

The FAQ section is good to start with, it gives a great overview of the concepts. Surf around the message boards and soak up info there. Also some of the back issues of the Crossfit Journal are of value. I subscribed to the Crossfit Journal which is a great wealth of knowledge for just $25.00 USD per year – (It is a steal).

Work with small increments of improvement which build upon each other. Soon you have wonderful achievements. :showoff:

Set some goals, be specific and write them down, this is invaluable. It could go something like this… by Dec 25; I will be able to do 10 pushups, 25 sit ups, and 1 pull up, jog a mile. The amounts of effort here are just for example you will have to set your own benchmarks. Each work out try and improve a small amount.

Work on your diet, start cleaning it up. The message boards have so much nutrition info it makes your head spin. Don’t go overboard, again just start with small steps, less trips to Mickey D’s, forgo the snickers, less Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, maybe cut portions down a bit. Many here like the Zone, some like Paleo, there is IF, ECT ECT. The key here is to work into it.

Don’t go hog wild unless it is to knock back a slab of ribs or some pork chops (just kidding).

Most of all though have fun. If it is not fun you won’t stick with it. Find a sport that seems interesting and get involved. Some use Crossfit as their sport others use it as conditioning for other interests, mix & match. :banana:

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