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Re: Women's/beginners/training Barbell

My wife has a 5 kg bar from Rogue (had for about two years or so)--no issues, knurling is not too agressive ... would purchase another ... all that said, we don't really drop it due to it being a 5 kg bar.

Our box (and the previous box we were with) has the 15 kg Bella bars from Rogue ... love these bars; just like the 20 kg bar ... great knurling. Have seen these used for 5+ years ... we did see one bend from it being carelessly dropped on a kettlebell or some freak accident like that (can't remember exactly how that happened). This is on my list of near-future purchases for our home gym.

Have not tried/worked with other brands to the extent that I would recommend or not recommend them over Rogue.
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