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Re: Arni's workout/progress log


11km on the bike

Gym before work
Was gonna do some deadlift but my back is kinda f-ed up from yesterdays kettlebell swings so.. no deadlifts

Did some good strecthing, worked on my dips(3x8 bench dips) and did my classic 3 min ab amrap. Easy workout...

Afternoon CF
Worked on our PowerCleans a little bit since todays wod had PC. I went up ca 90% of my 1RM.

The WOD:
5 rounds of
450m run
15 powercleans 60kg/132lbs

I finished in 19:49 and boy did this Wod SUCK! I sooo hate running...

Also got my bodyfat measured for the first time. 12.8%
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