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Re: new workouts

Originally Posted by David Meverden View Post
I've been itching to try out a timed workout involving one of the most functional strength movements (by conventional and crossfit definitions) I know of: Car pushing.

The Setup
Find a parking lot. Tie a rope to a car or truck (towing hitch on a truck comes to mind for this).

The motion
Preferably behind a curb or something to brace your feet against use the rope to pull the truck to you (sort of reel it in, hand over hand).
Once you have pulled the truck to you, drop the rope and push the car back to it's original position. Run back to starting location and repeat.

The workout
Pull truck to you via rope, 40 yards
Push truck 40 yards
Five rounds for time.

This one combines a huge pulling motion that has deadlift and rowing elements with a huge pushing motion that has squat, bench press, and shoulder press elements to it. Plus, I have to think it would gas anyone.
Originally Posted by Matt Parkins View Post

This is one of the greatest ideas I have ever seen! I need to get a rope and find a flat parking lot. I can only imagine the stares you would get from people .
Follow up!

Did the car workout saturday.

5 rounds for time:
Push car 60 yards
Pull car 60 yards back to starting position

Slightly different from what I first proposed because we didn't have enough rope to "reel in" the car. Instead we kind of walked backwards or did big heaves to pull the car along. I used my ~2500 lb saturn and finished in around 7 min and my AWESOME girlfriend did 3 rounds for time (it was the first time she had ever pushed a car!) in about 10 minutes. She starts moving the car and then shortly after the first round it starts POURING rain on us, haha. It was perfect (is it sick that I think that's awesome?).

It was great whole body work that gassed me pretty well but it did disproportionately work the quads. They really burned especially when I was pulling for some reason. It was fun and a workout I'm glad I did (nothing more practical an application for brute strength than pushing a car) though I won't be doing this exact workout too often. Maybe mix in the car stuff with rope climb? muscleups?
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