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Micah is on the department Swiftwater Rescue Team and Bob is on Search and Rescue. Bob trains with me and Micah trains using my workouts from my blog and/or from the CF website. Micah and Bob recently had to hike 6 miles over horrible terrain two days in a row to recover the bodies of a couple who fell into a fast moving river up in the Mt. Rainier area and drowned. Micah was in the water for over 5 hours setting safety lines, trying to pull the victims free of their fast water predicament and in any case fighting against the very fast moving and freezing snow melt river. Bob said that when Micah was done he changed clothes and took off on the walk out. Micah is studly fit. Micah said of Bob:

Micah has left a new comment on your post "Wednesday March 21, 2007":

Gene, Bob is fit! There were many people up there who were much younger than Bob that didn't do as much work or haul as much gear as Bob did. (This was a two day experience too!) Bob and I both worked and walked much quicker than the others. There were even a couple jokes made that our walk was like a Crossfit workout. It was recommended that we climb a tree and find a branch to do some pullups on too. (I bet we could have had we tried.)

Crossfit is for everyday life workouts!

The CF way is making it possible for people in many public service occupations more effective and capable to do their work.

Thank you Greg and Lauren.
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