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Re: Any vegan or vegetarian crossfit athletes out there???

Another vegan here. I'd same I'm an intermediate athlete and have been doing crossfit for almost a year now. I started veganism about 4 months before I started crossfit and was a vegetarian 2 years prior to that. I don't really have 'meals', I usually just eat something every two hours

Today's meal plan:
-smoothie: banana, strawberries, oatmeal, almond milk, spinach, rice protein
-whole wheat bagel
-smoothie: banana, strawberries, blue berries, soy milk, spinach, coconut oil; smart bar
-granola bar
-crackers and hummus
-more pizza, banana, mini bagel, 2 clementines

I typically have 2-4 smoothies a day (Vitamix addict) with the breakfast one having protein in it and my post workout one as well. Quinoa, steamed vegetables, and tofu is a quick go to meal for me. Typically will snack on almonds and fruit throughout the day
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