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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

Originally Posted by Bob Muth View Post
i am a throws coach, can a cross fit workout be applicable to throwing (track)??
Bob, in a word: yes. I am no coach, but I am a fairly experienced CrossFitter (about 4 years) and I have developed programs based on CrossFit for myself, my Army unit, and a few friends.

I would say first of all you need to read this article. It lays out the basis for what CrossFit is and how CrossFit applies to fitness.

Keep in mind that CrossFit is designed to increase general physical fitness (GPP) and that you are looking for excellence in a very specific area - throwing. You can still benefit from applying many of the principles of CrossFit, but you will want to tailor or program heavily because your needs are very specific, whereas CrossFit's aims are broad and inclusive fitness.

I am sure that there are people who use these forums that can help you design a great program for your athletes, but the CFSB (CrossFit Strength Bias) forum may not be the place to find them. You may chose to use CFSB as a starting point, since I would wager that you want very strong athletes, but creating your own thread in the Fitness forum may be a better way to find the help you are looking for.

Good luck!
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