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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

Okay, so I'm on week 2 of CFSB and loving it, but I have a question:

If I PR on a ME set, do I skip the high rep (HR) set or do it, too? Yesterday I did my ME FS 3x5. My first work set was 185 (my PR from last week), and my second work set was 205. PR, got it, check, and stop there. I remember that after getting your PR, you stop. So next up is HR BS, and then I wonder: when they said stop after a PR, did they mean stop ALL heavy work for that day? So, by PR'ing my FS, should I skip the HR BS? Or should I go on and do it? I went on and did it, but for future reference, if I PR on a ME set, do I skip the HR set or do it, too?

I am trying to read all of the back posts in here, but I can't just sit down and read 64 pages of posts in one day, so I apologize if the answer is in here already.
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