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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

In looking through the attachments and using one for my programming I noticed that week 5 day 5 (Friday) is the only week that has front squat but no HR back squat. I'm only in week three but I'm following the ramp-up protocols listed in the article and week 5 is supposed to be the first week I do everything and specifically the week where I add in the last element - HR back squat on the front squat day. However, week 5, as mentioned, does not have HR back squat on the front squat day but does every other week. I searched the thread and couldn't find the answer (maybe because the spreadsheet is right and I should trust that). I want to be sure. Does anyone know if no HR back squat on Front Squat day in week 5 is a mistake or not?

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