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Re: "Fran" times. Whats your best

Originally Posted by Marcus Smith View Post
I have had a look through but can't seem to find a thread where people can post times / compare / give tips to others for this crossfit standard workout Fran. So I figured I would start one. If anyone knows there is already one running no issues we can post in there.

I did Fran this week in 2:59. In order to improve I always get a video done when trying to set a PB and hence appreciate any feedback and comments.
Here is the viedo:

Post how you go for Fran and also any questions or feedback.
You definitely need to work on the thrusters. Work on bringing your head through the window at the top. Also, I can't tell with the video how deep they are...But I was watching on my phone.

Once you streamline everything your time will probably go up. When you get more effecient your time will go down.

My best time - 3:34. How do I go? All out!
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