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Re: Seeking Programming Mentor

Here is a link to another thread:

Myself and a few others were trying to take a "scientific approach" to the Programming Problem.

We are looking at each WOD as made up of:
G - Gymnastic/Body weight
W - Weightlifting
M - Modal (Run, Row, etc.)

So "Cindy" would be "GGG" and "Fran" would be "WG"

Of the 235 Main Site WODs I looked at:
58 are Rest Days
44 are W (e.g. Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5)
19 are WG (e.g. "Fran")
12 are GGG (e.g. "Cindy")
12 are WWW (e.g. "Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk")
12 are M (e.g. "Run 5k")
8 are WGG
8 are G (e.g. "Do one Pull-Up on the Minute...)
8 are GG
8 are MG (e.g. "Run 400m and 50 Squats")
6 are GGGG
6 are MWG
5 are Chippers (e.g. "Filthy 50")
and ~20 workouts of random construction

Bottom Line: If you want to see the same success that the Main Site sees, follow these rules:
1) Keep it Simple, stick to your couplets and triplets ~ 1/2 the time.
2) Remember to "program" Rest
3) Go heavy ~ 1/4 of the time
4) Do a Chipper no more than once a month
5) Play with "AMRAP" and "For time:"

Caveat: I am still trying to figure it out myself....

I hope this helps, I am open to feedback and criticism.
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