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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Thursday morning, i did not sleep well last night, for some reason i kept on waking up, so it took a Little longer for me to brighten up. Wife was in a good mood today. We were both looking forward to today

Plan - let's see how it goes.... game on

Warm up
600m jog
some pipe work
general warm up/stretch to Wake the rest of the body up, plus a couple of dry runs on the first WOD.

Game on

8 alternating rounds each of:1min to complete:

7/10 calories on the AAB
remaining time complete AMRAP of Su/Du

Wife Su's - 56, *63, *56, 54, 64, 70, 70, *67 = total 490 reps
Myself Du's - *33, 40, 36, *29, *29, 37, *31, 38 = total 273 reps

The new AAB's are quite different to the old Schwinn that we had, the new one's are definitely tougher. The * next the number means we stumbled on that round. Our previous results were 599/319 on the Schwinn.

To finish it all off: Partner

100 down ups for time

@ same time

Row for meters

Result = 8:27 and 1675m

This was tough, wife did 10,10,10,15 and i went 15,15,15,10 on the down ups. Was expecting them to take 10min for us but we did quite all right. Row was more or less rest time but we still want to get a good number.

Cool down
stretch for 15 minor so
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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