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Re: Pre-workout

Carbonation doesn't bother me but it helps that I only do WL. I'm not a big fan of preworkouts and CF. Tends to lead to pukey or dry heaves outside.

A lot of the time I sip the rockstar on the way to the gym, about a 20min casual bike ride with no hands.

I will only pop a 2nd on maxouts/competitions or long *** sessions that are heavy or if I need a real kick in the butt because sleep has been meh (which typically means sessions are crummy and I'll call it and just go sleep).

I've switched to the Rockstar from WinCo because it's far cheaper than RedBull and a bit cheaper than Monster.

And I like the spritziness and taste, especially because I drink a lot of fluid a day that tends to be mostly water (not so much since it got cold). Water gets pretty damn boring after a gallon and a half. When you're thirsty, you don't care but it's mind numbing at home.
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