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Renata Speranza
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Re: How sore is too sore to workout?

Hi Stephanie

I was sore for about a month, when I started... I didn't even know I had so many muscles ....but it will get better. As soon as your muscles are warmed up, it's easier.

Well, it's "too bad" you had to do the same basic movement twice in a row... but this, at least for my experience, can happen (sometimes quite frequently). I am not familiar with all the programming of the mainsite, but it seems that there is some logic behind that. And there are affiliates that just do their own programming. If they follow some logic, I don't know... but I would hope so... So you'll have to wait and see, what it will be like in your gym. Just give it a chance. At the beginning, some relaxing bath did good to me and I just kept going. Eventually the soreness went away and I could manage the movements better.

Keep us posted!
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