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Re: CF Games 2011 General Thread

Originally Posted by Justin McCallon View Post
The 60-90 minute training time frame will develop abilities in the 3-200m time frame. It's not negligible, either. 800m runners do the majority of their training in that area. I've posted this here a handful of times, but it basically comes down to the fact that you can only improve your anaerobic stuff so much, and you can improve your aerobic adaptations basically forever. Joshua Bridges is a good example of someone with a clearly dominant aerobic engine to everyone else. He doesn't have the strength of Rich, so he can't quite keep up, but he basically doesn't ever look tired.

Of course he should do enough to maintain his anaerobic adaptations (which shouldn't take much; like 1 metcon a week until the last 2 months), and of course he should still do a lot of strength work. If I were him I would do 2 months aerobic work followed by 2 months strength work (while still doing enough to maintain the other stuff regardless of which cycle).

I mean, yeah, the guy is hands down the #1 guy out there and so it's maybe a little ridiculous to say "he should be doing this." I just think that is the one area he hasn't really developed to an elite level and if he did he would be even more dominant. He'll probably win again next year if he sticks with his current training, though.
I would agree with that assessment.

I'm not sure up to 90 minutes of aerobic work is needed, but definitely at least 30-60 mins of aerobic work focused at improving cycling, running, swimming, rowing, etc. 60 mins at a decent pace can be nearly 7+ miles which is more than a 10k. Even an elite 1500m/5000m guy like Hicham El Guerrouj's aerobic training never really exceeded 60 minutes per session.

I would go a bit farther and say focus on aerobic adaptations for at least 7-8 months. While doing the minimum amount to maintain metabolic and strength adaptations.

Follow up this up by maintaining the stronger aerobic base, and focusing on improving strength and metabolic work in the final 4-5 months moving into the CF games.

Of course, there are different methods of periodizing things, so depending on the athlete and amount of competitions it's variable.

And working on the technical aspect of performing things such as rope climbs and HSPUs (which he still struggled with this year too).
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