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Re: Even though I dont crossfit as Rx'd...

Fun testimonial, bro! Good work on the body composition changes!

I definitely agree with the comments about body composition changing how people treat you. I was at a family gathering talking about something similar. I basically was saying that a skinny kid we knew should do Starting Strength and gain 30 or 40 lbs; that it would change his life and change how people look at him and treat him. My sisters comment was that I sounded like a woman going "honey, if we just made you up a little; did your hair, gave you better makeup, people would see you totally differently".

She basically compared being muscular among men to being well made up among women; how both would change your default position in the hierarchy. I saw her point and couldn't come up with much of a retort at the time, but later realized I should have pointed out that 20 lbs of muscle is useful in a whole lot of situations OUTSIDE of social interaction, which can not really be said of a great haircut and superb makeup
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