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Re: Isometrics - 15-20% carry over off strength so if you do isometrics at...

Originally Posted by Zeeshan Parvez View Post
Well, Kevin the thing is that if I was still doing weights I would defiently given crossfit a chance. The program looks pretty good with a mixture of endurance training and strength training combined with improved flexibility and coordination. But due to certain reasons I cannot wieght train.

Push ups and pull ups won't do it. I know. I have been in the strength training scene long enough to realize that. Hence, I will be utilizing isometrics. How? Over a range of angles ofcourse, so that the strength transfers over to the complete range of motion. I know it works with weights. Now I will just be using immovable objects in place. Then when I can do weight training again, I will probably return to try crossfit.
Zeeshan, you've posted on some very interesting topics lately. I must say I'm a bit confused though. Unless you're working in captivity I'm confused as to how you cannot weight train. Are you working in the jungle? Are you severely injured?

Please don't take this the wrong way, but it seems like posting questions on a site where weight lifting is an integral component while looking for ways to develop fitness specifically without weight lifting would be counterproductive and frustrating. You're not doing crossfit? Like I said I enjoy a lot of the topics you bring up, but it would be like going to a fitness website that is nutrition-focused and asking questions on how to develop better fitness but specifically leaving nutrition out.

I'm not trying to be argumentative; just hoping to better understand where you're coming from.
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