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Re: Isometrics - 15-20% carry over off strength so if you do isometrics at...

Originally Posted by Blair Robert Lowe View Post
Zeehan, if you really wish to train like a gymnast you need to type in and check out some of Sommer's stuff.

And to end all arguments, gymnasts do not only do isometrics. We do isokinetics/dynamic, and plyometrics. And visualization. We do all them all to get all their benefits together.

If all you want to be is strong in holds, well go for statics then.

Im sorry if my post came off as that was the only thing gymnasts do. I know the many things that gymnasts do and i worked at the local gym for a bit last year working with both the guys and girls teams, and really there is very little isometric training involved. I said gymnastic type skills and i meant things like planches and flagpoles and such. i was by no means trying to trivialize gymnastics training down to "do isometrics and you be on the gymnast path."
I have seen what it takes, and even for crossfitters, what competing gymnasts do as daily workouts, is plain insanity.
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