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Re: Isometrics - 15-20% carry over off strength so if you do isometrics at...

[quote=Zeeshan Parvez;375510] Now since I do not lift weights, the only way i see of getting stronger is isometrics. QUOTE]

You cannot do pushups, pullups, Hand stand pushups, squats, burpies, or walking lunges. The only way you could possibly get stronger sans weights is isometrics? Im highly confused then A) on what you are doing as a workout routine, and B) what your purpose is on if the only thing that is a part of your routine in isometrics.

Like has been discussed in other threads, isometrics has its place. That place is not going to be in most crossfit routines, mainly because the programming of crossfit naturally prevents most people from having plateaus, and we arent generally worried about how much weight we can lift anyway. I agree it helps break plateaus, but that is also if you are doing a typical split routine type weight workout. And yes for things like planches and other gymnastic type skills it probably does help a little, because its already a static move, and training in steps with isometrics is really the only way to train for such maneuvers.
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