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Re: Melissa W's Workout Log (Cue 1980s training montage)

Thanks y'all -- it feels nice to be welcomed so warmly. And it does add that extra motivation to know that people are reading about my progress.

Couldn't stand to take the day off yesterday so I went for a nice run/walk on the hike & bike in the evening. At this point I am just trying to get more comfortable running so I didn't stress over how far I was going or my pace. I did throw in a few sprints, anytime I got to a hill. And when I got to the stretching station at Riverside, I couldn't let the opportunity for pull-ups pass me by. I was a bit tired from the previous day's Angie, but I did a few static holds at the top and some negatives. That new standard of chest to the bar is quite challenging!

Also did 50 box jumps onto the park bench, which I measured to be 17-1/2", a modest increase in box height over the ones I use at CC. I wonder if that is the reason that my calves are sore this morning? If so, that's pretty awesome!
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