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"snapping triceps"...? Avoid full ROM or not?

I think I may have what is called "snapping triceps" syndrome, where during flexion/extension of my right arm, I feel a "popping" and if I put my finger over the inner "bump" on my elbow (ie if you put your right hand on your left pec, and touch the inside of your elbow, you can feel a bump in the bone), I can feel a tendon clicking over the top of it in concert with the pop.

Now, I have had this for years, and while it's annoyed me, it hasn't actually caused any pain. But as I become more reasonably fit, it's begun to bother me more as I'm, well, doing a lot more with it.

I can try and do many exercises at a reduced ROM (the popping happens only at about 90 degrees of flexion or a little past), but, well, that's reduced ROM. Or I could just do it and see what happens on the elbow, but that seems like courting danger.

Unfortunately, I can't find much information on the web about STS, and it'll be a while before I can ask my doctor about it. I have read that surgery is an option, but, well, I'm not crazy about surgery, particularly if this isn't really a problem. Any good resources on the subject, or advice?
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