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Re: Affiliate Owners: Drop-In Etiquette

I used to travel a lot and drop in on many different CrossFit gyms.

I agree with your courtesy guidelines. If I found a gym on Google, I would call or email (sometimes the information on Google is not correct or current). I would ask about payment. I was always happy when a gym would quote the drop-in fee, or say "Buy a t-shirt instead." I have a pretty good t-shirt and hoodie collection from the gyms I've visited.

When I was on a Wendler schedule, I would sometimes ask if I could do lifting after a workout. Some said it wouldn't work out, and I was cool with that - I'd pick it up next time. I had the most respect for one gym that was huge, and obviously had space for me to lift out of the way of their next class. They asked about my lifting experience, 1RM, etc. before letting me do my thing. Once they were satisfied with my answers, they let me lift. Respect on both sides.

CrossFit Hoboken has the best t-shirts. Comfortable and cut well. When my niece sees me wearing it, she says, "It's Hobo Ken!"

Those days were when my wife owned an affiliate. We learned a lot, good and bad, from our visits to other gyms. The worst was a coach who wrote down scores on a clipboard without any encouragement or prompts during the whole workout. The class had camaraderie in spite of him. Kind of a weird class.
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