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Re: Foundations Curriculum

Originally Posted by Allan Luomala View Post
Randy, I am working on a package for a 2.5 day seminar for CF rookies (in a military context, mind you, but should have universal application). We are structuring it along the lines of a CF cert (minus Greg's wisdom and all the supa-stars): What is CrossFit?, What is Fitness?, Programming, Nutrition, Intensity/Consistency, A Better Warm up, plus the key exercises: presses, deadlifts, squats (this is all out of the order we are presenting them in, as I am just pulling them out of my memory banks for this post). We are also throwing in some extra stuff (GHD situps, muscle-ups, snatch, kipping, HSPU's) that are covered in cert's, but with more emphasis on proper technique (and the progression's to build up to them) for those that train alone (rather than with trainers at an affiliate). This tends to be the case with military people, as many (myself included) do the "lone wolf" approach.

I am using your PPT presentation as a template, and once it is complete (likely this weekend) I will put it up on a file-sharing site (it is quite large, due to videos that I have inserted into it, almost all from the CFJ's and the CFHQ site), for one and all to use and abuse. Again, it is presented with a military flavour, but that can be easily modified. Note: I will have to get approval from CFHQ before I post this for public consumption, as I used a big chunk of content (i.e intellectual property) from the CFJ's, so I don't want to run afoul of Coach and the crew.

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I'd also really like to take a look at your finished product if you get approval to post it from CFHQ.
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