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Greetings Michael,
I am a CrossFitter/trainer/affiliate in Mount Vernon, WA. I am not a mental health professional. However, I am more than aware of the benefits of exercise as it relates to mental health. All new clients complete a Par-Q and a health history questionaire, to include a question on current medications. It is alarming how many people are taking anti-depressants. I do not have the facts in front of me, but a large % of the overweight and obese suffer from low self-esteem/depression.
I am happy to say many clients are able to be 'weaned' from the anti-depressants within 2-6 months after beginning training.

Like valiums during the 80's, it seems today anti-depressants are prescribed like m&m's.

You will 'save'/change a lot of lives as a mental health pro/CrossFit affiliate. Keep us posted on your successes!
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