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Re: Reshaping the CrossFit Games from 2019 *****

I'm wondering if CFHQ is sinking it's own ship here. They want to concentrate on heath they say... ok fine but what makes them different from the 1000's upon 1000's of globo gyms and other sports?

Exposure is one of the most important things for CF and with CFHQ handing this over to others, it might make seeing the games and other updates of CF difficult to see depending on where you live in the world. C-Fitters love watching the elite, documentaries and other media, without this the exposure dissapears, so how do you attract new people?

CF has been creating it's own content and exposure for years and this is what they are built on, as they know what the CF community wants to see thus being able to ignite that fire in so many people. Pushing the open, being able to compete with everyone in the World but within your group. So now the open might not be as interesting because we might not be competing against Mat, Lukas, Brent or Annie, Tia, Sara any more becasue they have already qualified and will not participate in the open.

How is CFHQ going to drive the heath side of things when the exposure is gone. Look at it today, there is nothing to see!, not much else coming out either.

They need to get that rule book out ASAP, put the masses to rest. I know that if there are no masters i will not bother with the open anymore. There is nothing in it for me, if it becomes an all against all comp, the whole thing becomes blasť, you become one of many.

With 50% being masters, has CFHQ really thought about that group because the bying power (economi) of that group is there, they have kids or grand children they can affect thus making the future better.

I think the future will be tough for while for them.
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