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Ryan Brown
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Hey all,
I've been browsing the Crossfit site and message board and can't wait to get started. After a year of eating grease away at school, partying and a string of injuries I am in horrid shape. I have been trying to get back to the gym and MMA for quite some time and it seems Crossfit is just what the doctor ordered. I have always been more a fan of functional, circuit training approach....can't wait to try FGB although I may eat those words...or puke them up.

Anyway I am currently hitting the gym doing a 5X5 routine in the O lifts to try and get my strength back up and my CNS firing properly for these moves again. I plan on starting the WOD's and the Zone in 3 weeks. I have a copy of Mastering the Zone and have a question about activity level. I have myself pegged as a 0.9 g of PN per pound but i'm not sure if i should bump that up to 1.0 g or not. I work a fairly physically demanding job as a paramedic and will be working 60+ hours a week. I plan on doing the WOD's everyday they're prescribed aswell as 30-45 minutes of yoga everyday and as many MMA classes as shift work will allow. I estimate at the very least I can get in 30 mins of Muay Thai on the heavy bag 3x per week.

Any input would be apprecited and also keep in mind fat loss is a major goal here. I have packed on a good 30 lbs and lost some muscle mass aswell over the course of the year. I was a ripped and fairly muscular 185 this time last year....oh how things have changed lol. Can't wait for your responses....thanx
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