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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

Originally Posted by Chris Kemp View Post
Jared, once you've run through your introductory or ramp-up cycle then the focus is getting to your PR set. On the basis of your past experience select your build up sets to get where you want to be. One note however, too many sets at high percentage will be tough to recover from.

Kempie's right. The focus is on getting to your PR set. I did not understand this key point at first

For example, my deadlifts to start with were
120 kg*3
125 kg*3
130 kg*3

After 4 weeks they looked like


Good progress but recovery sucked, and getting those PRs felt really hard.

Now they look like


The PRs are still coming, which is the objective.

My high rep deadlifts are also still going up. I really doubt they would if I was trying to do 145kg, 150kg, 156kg


PS This is just my experience, if Kempie or Bingo disagree, then I'd recommend going with what they say. I'm just a crash test dummy ;-)
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