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Re: Anyone my age and female?!

Hey Ariel--

I can't say that I've seen a ton of teenage girls posting on the blogs--internet message boarding tends to be a male-dominated sport--but I don't think that means that most of the advice only applies to boys and men. The strategies for improving your training seem to be pretty similar for everyone, and as you know you'll find a wealth of information here.

As far as comparing yourself with others your age...why bother? In another thread, many grown men confessed that your overhead squat was better than theirs. Seems like you're doing awesome, by any measure. But you want to get better--so you're in the right place.

My advice would be not to compare yourself to ANYONE in particular--although it goes against all human nature. It took me a year and a half of training to get a pull-up--my brother hadn't worked out in years, walked in the gym, and knocked out a couple. Infuriating. (And that probably is a boy/girl difference--I believe pull-ups are easier for guys in general since they tend to have stronger upper bodies). But the point is I improved relative to ME--and I'll never be better than my brother unless I get better than myself first.

If you do have any questions that you think are female-specific, I would be interested to hear them, because I have not heard much about differences between male and female training--almost everything I've read assumes that girls and boys should do basically the same things to get strong and fast. So get to it!!
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