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Re: Change Wall Ball Target Height per Person?

Hi David,

Welcome to Crossfit.

You can use any height for the target and any weight ball, for that matter. The 10 foot target and 20lb ball is the standard and it's a great way to have consistency and to know that you are doing the same movement as everyone else.

But if you are 3' tall? Definately more work. But maybe no more work than someone who is weaker but using the same weight ball.

I don't have a definitive answer but would approach it this way: find a height and weight ball that is suitable to you and track your progress. That way you can see how well you are improving. I'm 5'8" and clearly have a shorter reach than someone a foot taller. In fact, that person probably only has to throw the ball a foot to hit the 10' target. But I really don't care about what the other person is doing, I'm interested in seeing how I improve. Hope this helps, David.
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