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Wow...I didn't know anything about this but I think it's an excellent recap of some good speakers like Cosgrove, Beradi, John and others. Even if you take one thing from it and apply to your training, then it's worth the read.

(warning...foul language is **** and ****)

Cosgrove is my favorite:
"What works for fat loss? The goal is to massively disrupt the metabolism and create as much of a caloric deficit as possible while maximizing the afterburn effect. This can be done by:

1. Interval training, which is more metabolically demanding than steady-state cardio.

2. Resistance training, which increases post-exercise caloric burn and shifts 24-hour substrate utilization toward fat oxidation. "

"Research has shown that over 100 billion dollars will be spent on just weight loss products by the end of 2006. If you're a personal trainer or coach and aren't serving the weight loss market, you're a ****ing idiot!"

"Research has also shown that eating pie will give you a fat ."


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