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Earning it old school, fitter tomorrow than today.

Well, title says it all. I am brand new to Crossfit but am keen to give it a go, the community seems great and there is no arguing with the results. I come from a mountain background, snowboarding, rock climbing, bouldering, some alpine stuff and now currently a bit of cycling since moving from the Canadian Rockies to the west coast of Sweden, but nothing serious. I have weight trained for the last few years but I wouldn't call myself anything above intermediate. Just hoping to keep making some small gains each month and be a good example to my family and most importantly my daughter.

I have just put together the next 2 month cycle and the first session was on Saturday, June 15th. Weekly will be broken down as 2 strength, 2 aerobic capacity development, skills development, 1 benchmark, some active recovery(bouldering, long bike, easy jog, 4k row, short WOD). I also commute by bike about 50-75km a week, but never really work above zone 2-3 unless I am feeling super energetic, although the segment challenges on the Strava app are to much fun to pass up on.

Cycle Working Maxes:
Squat 110kg
Front Squat 85kg
Deadlift 190kg
Bench 85kg
Military Press 70kg
Jerk 75kg
Push Press 75kg
Power Clean 85kg
Power Snatch 55kg

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