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Re: Suggestions for whey protein

Originally Posted by Alexander Kornishev View Post
Hmmm... Do you guys call whey protein junk only because it is "processed"?
Processed is a very broad term to eliminate foods based on that criteria (almost any supplement is "processed" which is very different process for different substances). If you have serious proof that whey protein way of production makes it useless/harmful or the protein itself is Useless/harmful, please share it, I would really like to hear it.
Empirical evidence is enough for me. Besides most of the studies on supplements are funded by the supplement companies so it is not like it really matters anyway. If something doesn't work, I discard it..simple as that.

Drink protein shake-->fart like a champ for a good hour afterwards-->another hour later I end up pooping it out (only go in the morning so I know something was wrong). Not to mention the fact that my body comp shifted and performance took off since completely dropping shakes from my diet. Coincidence? Could be. Also notice other changes to my health but don't want to bore ya. Try it for yourself and see what happens. In fact it is free of charge (even save you a few bucks).

Drop it from your diet for at least two months. Then reintroduce back into your body. Takes notes.

You might be surprised. I know I was (and coming from a bodybuilding background this was not easy...never leaving the house without a protein shake in my hand or a tubberware of food in a bag). God forbid I didn't eat every two hours on the clock I'd probably melt on the spot lol.
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