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Re: Upside of all of the X fit changes?

Looking at what they have done with the focus not being competition but heath I expect the numbers to drop and by 20-25% thatís 80-100 000 people.

Why would they encourage people to be a part of The Open when the focus is clearly not the competitiveness according to Glassman. The games is not the main goal anymore.

They should not be pushing for people to be a part of the Open because that will be contradictory compared to the new goal of CFHQ.

But for a lot of people the games is the goal, the games is their income, their ticket into 100% focus without the need to work in the near future, their sponsorship form different companies, their chance to travel and live off CF.

In reality no matter what Glassman says the games is the key focus and what the general public wants to see. Now that we have no regionals we have to rely on the crappy coverage from sanctioned events. I know that I wonít waste my time looking for this coverageÖ Iíll get 4 or 5 good days coverage for the games on YouTube I hope.

I only compete in The Open for fun to put myself under pressure for those few weeks. I compete with myself and from the open I will find my weak spots that I can focus on the coming year. Of course I want to get a better result than last year, this is a measurement of progression for me.
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