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Re: 115# Power Snatch from blocks

Originally Posted by Matthew Swartz View Post
I'm going to extend that logic and not be a fan of anything on earth. Every aspect of life is abused by humans. Recognize things for their use, don't dismiss them due to their misuse.

As for OP, you're pressing a 115# snatch out... You shouldn't be snatching from the blocks if you can't even stick a 115# power snatch. Your turnover speed is like molasses and your overhead position is awkwardly upright. It's like you can't put your head past your shoulders. Get some thoracic flexibility work done.
Yea I definitely started pressing these out...this was my last set & 115# is pushing it for me. I should've just done the full squat I think I would have caught it better if I was underneath the bar more. I didn't think my turnover was that bad though...but I'm sure it's not super fast either. I'm still working on my mobility for this lift & having some trouble opening up all the way in my shoulders & thoracic area. I appreciate all the advice!
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