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Re: Documentation of Preparation for OCS

FRI 19 MAR 2010
Early Afternoon

4-count wide grip pullups (1 count pause at top and at bottom deadhang): 12 8 7 7 6
Pushups: 28 35 25 22 13 (sets broken, however)

Stamina: 400m walking lunges (time: 14:21; 341 lunges)

Notes: The pushup scheme is from; the final number in the set is a max effort; 45-60 second rests between sets. Unfortunately, I couldn't do the sets unbroken so I will have to go back in the progression despite my max being over 40. Also weighed myself and found that I have gained weight rapidly since returning from OCS. Currently a little over 185 lbs.

SAT 20 MAR 2010


Warmup: Pushups: 10 10 13 13 10 10 9 25

Strength: Push Press with front leaning rest chaser: 5x65 5x85 5x95 5x105 5x115 (did front leaning rests between sets) then 15x95

Endurance: Exercise Bike: 2x1/4mi with 60 second rest (:36, :34), then 4x2mi resting 2 minutes between intervals (5:30, 5:42, 5:35, 5:11) (Exercise bike set to Level 8 out of 25)

Durability: 5 rounds: 30 second isometric squat hold, 10 hanging leg raises (leg raises were broken sets) followed by 25-20-15-10-5 rep rounds of: 4-count mountain climbers, 4-count flutterkicks

Notes: Decided to add some more intensity to the strength portion by doing front leaning rests between sets. It encourages brief rests of approximately 30 seconds plus another 30 seconds or so to switch/add plates.

SUN 21 MAR 2010

Early Afternoon

Warmup: Max set of chinups (18), Max set of pushups (42), Max set of 40lb dumbbell press in 2 minutes (ammo can style) (81) (5 minute rest between exercises)

Endurance: C2 Row: 10 rounds: Row your body weight (190 lbs) in watts for 1 minute, at the 1 minute limit, pull 8 strokes as hard as possible to attain maximal wattage (rest 2 minutes between rounds) (max wattages: 383 421 431 434 420 421 425 410 408 408)

Durability: 3 rounds: Farmer's walk for 1 minute with 55lb dumbbells in each hand (2 minute rests between sets)

Notes: Disappointed in the chinups but drop is probably due to weight gain (the scale reads 190lbs now but may not be accurate). Will still have to mix in chinup work and probably speed up the cycle rate for the pullups but still ensure full elbow extension. The Farmer's walks were much harder than anticipated. Grip strength was the clear limiting factor as I experienced no other fatigue except in my grip.

MON 22 MAR 2010

TUE 23 MAR 2010
Early Afternoon

Endurance: Exercise Bike: 8 rounds of 30 seconds on, 20 seconds off (total distance: 2.16mi)

50 4-count flutterkicks, 50 atomic situps then 3 rounds: 30 second isometric squat hold, 30-60-30 seconds side, front, side planks (2 minute rest between rounds)

Notes: Been feeling discomfort in my left forearm on all grasping movements. Decided to adjust training schedule accordingly.

WED 24 MAR 2010
Early Afternoon

Warmup: wide grip pullups: 15 10 9 8 8

Strength: Bench Press: 5x125 5x135 5x145 5x155 5x165

Work Capacity: 5 rounds: 5 deadlifts (185lbs), 10 Burpees (Time: 8:08)

Durability: 4 rounds: 25 atomic situps, 25 supermans

THU 25 MAR 2010
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