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I'm reluctant to answer only because I just read the boards and basically regurgitate what others say. I'm in no way a trainer nor should my advice be considered advice! That being said, this is what I've been doing: adding some mini metcons on days off if I don't feel too bad or after a workout like today's front squats. Check out Gaucoin and OPT's post from todays and other days blog where we post the days results. They are adding in these mini workouts to focus on weaknesses and it makes sense. It doesn't have to be metcons, I've liberally borrowed from their knowledge and done overhead squats at 95lbs for as many reps as possible, do a press/push/jerk sequence at 95lbs for as many reps as possible. They have some great ideas.
I think you have to listen to how you are feeling and be careful not to over do this stuff. The whole metcon idea was new to me when I started and it definately took some getting used to. David
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