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Just for S&G I tried to rack the bar on my shoulders during thrusters (need the practice for cleans)... wasn't very successful though. Part of the problem is that my hands seem kinda thrashed right now. Not the calluses (saw that thread, not an issue yet). The thing is that when I rack the bar it feels like my hands are bruised in the area of the pads and upper palms. I can't decide though, if they're actually bruised, and just need some extra toughening drills or if maybe racking the weight has over-extended them, making it a warmup/stretching issue instead of a "suck-it-up issue?" If you think it's bruises, feel free to mock. If you think it's lack of flexibility, please advise with some appropriate stretches... and my apologies to all for the inevitable comments from the peanut gallery regarding appropriate exercises for stretching one's palms and avoiding bruises. :uhoh:
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