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newsletter discounts for a lot of equipment

I bought 2 pairs of wood rings a month ago from (sfw) - and forgot I subbed to their newsletter.

Anyways, they just sent me a huge list of stuff that is on sale for the next couple days (till thursday or friday, I don't know). Thought you guys might want to take a look.

Of course, the rings are on sale now fml... Curse the timing!

The list...

Slammer Balls 25% off
Econ Bumper plates 55lb, 45lb, 35lb, 25lb are 15% off, 10lb are 30% off
Pendlay Weight Lifting Shoes all colors are 25%
Rage Ball Sizes 10lb, 14lb, and 20lbs 15% off
MDUSA Wood Gym Rings 15% off
Jump Ropes (red, blue, green, black) 30% off
Pendlay Elite Pull Up Systems and brackets (ceiling and wall mounted) are all 25% off
Speed Sleds 25% off
Man of War Sled 20% off
MDUSA Foam Roller 36 x 6 20% off
Clock Gone Bad 20% off + free shipping
Soft Plyo Boxes 15% off (new addition on Rep Fitness)
MDUSA Foam Roller 36 x 6 20% off
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