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Lightbulb A question about to be an LLC or Non Profit

So I have started a Co. called FAST. We are currently an LLC but I'm looking into switching to a non profit. My ultimate goal is to have a training facility that can be very cost effective for families. I want to work will kids all the way up to parents. My parents program would be a Crossfit gym while the PE Program and up would teach kids how to move and slowly add strength training.

My question is should I switch to a non profit. Next year I plan to create a FAST Foundation, which will cover the expense for a few athlete who's parents can't afford the pay for them to train. This program would also help get the kids equipped with proper shoes shorts ect. I feel that if I stay as an LLC companies wont want to donate to the cause because of me being an LLC. Also if your a non profit you get very good tax breaks on building and would have a better chance with getting companies to sponsor us with Supplements, Apparel, Equipment and so on....

I would love to hear anyones advice.
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