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Re: looking for something to go with hummus

Originally Posted by Sarena Kopciel View Post
you could do flax crackers! or veggies stciks, chunks. but rememebr if you are paleo-ish, hummus isnt paleo!
I would rather make a thick tehina paste which is paleo. blend or mix in bowl
tehina with juice of a lemon, some salt, parsley, garlic and water (I like to add cumin too) to dilute til consistency desired! You can also add some olive oil if you need more fat!
Flax crackers might do the trick.

Hummus isn't paleo, but it's reasonably paleo/zone/crossfit friendly. =)

I have a wife and 2 kids, which damn near guarantees strict adherence to any diet is nigh impossible.

I mostly use zone/paleo for recipe/dietary guidelines and ideas -- otherwise I mostly try to follow general Crossfit-friendly dieting -- nuts, fruits, veggies, meats, eggs, etc in Zonish quantities.

Thanks for the flax cracker idea!
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