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Exclamation Need a little help with Crossfit

I am currently recovering from a strain so I am out for the count. But the good news is that I found a crossfit gym that is near by and I will start lifting there when I recover. I figure that with your help and the down time I have; now is a good time to aquaint myself with crossfit terminology and routine.

Right before I got a strain I was practicing crossfit on my own accord. I would do things like drag 4 cinderblocks with a chain, march uphill with a cinderblock i each hand, burpees, clean and jerks, kipping pullups, running, etc..

I always looked at crossfit as such: Strength and conditioning through use of body weight exercises, olympic lifts, kettlebells and more.

My questions:

What is metcon? How does it work?

What are the crossfit strength routines? I heard one of them on the forum - 70's Big. I looked it up and there was no explanation for it. All I got in my search were peoples WOD's.

If I planned to create my own workout of the days, what movements, sets, and reps, would you recommend for strength through crossfit?

Would following the websites WOD's be a good way to start getting acqainted?
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