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Re: Anyone taken the ACSM - HFS certification test?

I was just talking to someone about this yesterday.
I haven't taken the ACSM exam, but I have looked into it.
This is my understanding of it, and if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct me post-haste:
Since there is no national licensure for fitness professionals, the IHRSA recommends that their member clubs/organizations (which are plentiful) accept certifications that have third-party accreditation. Right now, really the only game in town is NOCA and their accreditation agency the NCCA. Part of the requirement for certifying agencies (like ACSM) to be accredited by the NCCA is that they cannot require any specific education to sit for the exam. I think the HFS cert has a pre-requisite of at least an associates degree in a health-related field, and that education should cover the contents of the exam. But they can't REQUIRE that you buy or study any specific text, hence the ambiguity and huge recommended reading list. And of course they want to sell as many books as possible.
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