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I just added up exactly what I have been eating regularly and it surprised me how few calories I am actually consuming. I need a little help here....

Here's my diet when I'm working (paramedic so it has to be quick, oh yeah 24 y/o, 185lbs, ~8-10%):

4 fresh eggs scrambled with 3 egg whites
3 slices of turkey
1 Banana

Meal #2-
Lean Cuisine Turkey and vegetables over a bed of raw spinach

Meal #3-
Lean Cuisine Steak Tips Portobella over a bed of raw spinach
1 Sweet Potato

Meal #4-
Some beef jerky or tuna
1 Banana

Meal #5-
1 'Jocalat' Larabar (soooooo good)

At the end of the day my figures came out as follows:
1446 Calories/51.5g Fat(17%)/155g Carbs(51%)/93.5g Protein(32%)

I drink around 2 gallons of water per day and supplement with: a multivitamin, fish oil(720mg EPA/480mg DHA), and probiotics.

I don't really feel like I can eat MORE food as I eat when I'm hungry and feel satisfied when I'm done. I need some advice on how to pack the meals I have with foods to get me closer to the 40/30/30 split I would like and get around 2000 calories. So far all I can think of is adding some tuna to meals 2 and 3, replacing the turkey with bacon at breakfast, and putting some olive oil on the sweet potato. Any help here?

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