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Boy, I just saw the thread name and was settin' up to move it to "Nutrition" . . . and you proved me wrong.

CrossFit always seems to be bringing me back to stuff I'm not good at . . . I think I'll go on trying to plumb the nuances of the Olympic lifts for years.

But I agree it's very easy to get into a rut on a common set of (metabolically demanding) stuff like pullups, thrusters, etc.

One way out of this to commit to truly doing the WOD as Rx'd . . . *especially* if you don't like whatever is called for that day (e.g., 10 x 100 sprints, or a 10K run, or whatever).

Another is to follow the standard (but often overlooked) CrossFit principle: learn and play new sport regularly. (I can assure you, there's nothing like getting trashed by a 15-year-old (girl) at something you've never done before to humble you.)

And finally, there's just plain being inventive. I passed three guys today who were just doing "sprawls":

stand, drop to floor, face down on belly, lift arms and legs, stand, drop to floor (on back), arms over head, stand, repeat.

Doesn't sound like much, but after 20 reps they were huffing, and I would have been if I were doing it.
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