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Re: Here's a free online workout timer

Originally Posted by Pearse Shields View Post
Found this workout timer today when I was looking for interval timers. This one is really good; has a clear display, lets you know when time is up, fully adjustable times and other settings. For those of you who workout at home or haven't yet bought a good timer, this is great (as long as you keep coming back to base!).

Hello - apologies for being the guy to drag up an ancient thread, but I recently updated the free timer to work on modern devices (like Microsoft Edge browser, iPhone, and iPad) and also moved it to a new location. I originally wrote this for my own use, but found that thousands of people around the world find it useful as well. It's still free and works better than ever. Soon I may add some new features, or at least update the look and feel to be a little more modern as well. The original timer link quoted above still works, but please consider bookmarking this new direct link.

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