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Re: Hoping to get some help understand wrist wraps

I'm over 40 as well and while I respect all the goodness of what I like to call "crutchy" type things, my eyes have been opened recently as I've been training with an international olympic weightlifting champ. No belts allowed during training. On anything.

Point is, if you have to consider using wraps for EVERYTHING, look into some stuff by David Durante. He comes to mind simply because he specifically had the latest video I saw on "getting wrists stronger". Do just that. Start building the strength to do what you need to do, otherwise, it never stops.

Before you know it, you'll have compression socks, wrist wraps, knee wraps, elbow sleeves, olympic shoes, rocktape and gloves while working on the C2 Rower.

I know it sounds exaggerated but it isn't as far off as you think until you switch your thoughts to "how to get this stronger" rather than "how to mask the weakness" just so you can do things that you maybe shouldn't be doing. There is a place for it yes, just like wraps on heavy snatch work, etc but it should be the exception, not the norm.
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