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Re: Hoping to get some help understand wrist wraps

Originally Posted by Jayme Gruber View Post
Sounds like you're overthinking it. They're all just wrist support. Unless you're doing serious powerman type stuff I don't think you need anything crazy.

I used to have wrist wraps but prefer strength wraps because of how easy they are to loosen and tighten on the fly. And they're less bulky then wrist wraps which would help when on the rings.
When front squating 300+ I can tell a difference.
When I was cleaning 250-285 I could tell a difference.
When jerking same loads again there is a difference.

Now not bragging or saying anything bad but when you do get to heavier weights it matters. At 40 my wrist has an injury and a simple cloth one doesn't cut it at higher weights.

Is why I have two pairs. One for heavy stuff and one just for a little support and to keep the sweat off my hands for bar work.
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